“All men are like grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.”

1 Peter 1: 24a


Grass only has a meaning once it flowers and brings forth seeds. It doesn't reach its full potential when it just grows. An example for us is the so-called True Grasses family (Poaceae) as one of the most widely distributed and abundant plant groups on Earth. It has had a long significance in human society for years and still has in modern times. In human terms, it is the most economically important plant family being used for food production (maize, wheat, rice etc.), forage, building materials (bamboo, thatch) and fuel (ethanol). True grasses represent live. We use True Grasses as a picture for the people we serve and their lives. As Peter stated: men are like grass – and we want them to flower.

Who we are

True Grasses is a nonprofit organization, established to serve disadvantaged, excluded and vulnerable people. God has called us to support the people of Tanzania. Through the love of Christ, we believe in availing ourselves to be used as catalysts for helping the less fortunate by providing a way that they can sustain their lives. Our specific focus is on girls and women who live in extreme poverty in Tanzania. The most deprived people in Tanzania are the women and girls who have no access to education and thus have limited opportunities to earn a safe and dignified income to support themselves and their families. This problem is compounded for girls who are the heads of household and responsible for providing support for younger siblings. Girls are concerned about their exploitation and abuse, poor health and hygiene and lack of food which are a direct result of their inability to earn income and education. Transactional sex is widespread - many girls and young women are trading sex for money or favors.

This is where we as an organization want to step in. We want to provide solutions to these problems and see women's and girls' lives transformed by empowering them to be able to support their own living and decide themselves about their future.

Our Approach

We want to provide ways that women and girls coming out of extreme poverty can sustain their lives. We do this by equipping them with employable skills and establishing income generating projects that create jobs enabling them to become cherished members of the community.

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