What has happened

Before 2016

  • land has been purchased


  • school/campus farm running (cashew nuts, mangoes & vegetables)
  • soccer pitch ready
  • school administration office and store built
  • water well dug
  • built office toilets and septic tank
  • start of building first classroom till roofing level
  • brick making machine & brick making in progress


  • school/campus farm running (cashew nuts, mangoes & vegetables)
  • first classroom is roofed, floored and doors/windows are fitted
  • 2 more classrooms built till roofing level
  • security house and store built
  • beefarming started
  • chicken coop built and keeping chickens
  • church and community centre built and in use


  • finished and furnished 1st block of 3 classrooms
  • student toilets and septic tank built
  • kindergarten first class has started
  • build 2nd block of 3 classrooms
  • furnished staff office
  • build chicken-farm
  • put up a playground for the school


  • kindergarten
  • built block 3 and roofing classroom blocks 2 and 3


  • staff housing - 2 adjoining houses built
  • kitchen built and roofed


  • 1st year of Former one started studies
  • adding doors and windows to block 2
  • finishing floors and walls in block 2
  • science lab furnished with tables
  • fencing around the school compound
  • final registration of the school


What has been planned for


  • 1st and 2nd class running
  • solar energy for the whole school
  • fit the water well with a pump and piping
  • finishing off block 3 with doors, windows and painting
  • fencing around the school compound finalized
  • equiping the science labs with needed equipment


  • building of the girls hostel

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